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ProLine Plates (pre 2022 model)

Labeda ProLine Plates


Labeda ProLine Plates

Our Price: $429.00

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As of 2/26/24, there are 2 pairs of 550 available with green cushions. These are the last 2 pairs of the old model. The newer model can be purchased here

  • Plate: Lightweight Series 700 Aluminum
  • Trucks: Double Action, Click-Action Trucks
  • Kingpin Angle: 5 Degrees
  • Axle Size: 8mm or 7mm
  • Toe Stop: Uses Adjustable Stops - Not included in price.

    Note that cushion color is determined by the hardness used. These colors change from time to time, but the most recent color key is below. *** This may change. *** The cushions will be used according to the hardness selected NOT the color.
  • Soft - Green
    Medium - White
    Hard - Red

    Replacement Parts

  • Labeda Proline King Pin - S2PL
  • Labeda Proline King Pin Jam Nut - S3PLN
  • Labeda Proline Micro Adjustment Nut - S3PLMN
  • Labeda Proline King Pin Set Screw - S3PLS
  • Labeda Proline Cushion Cup Small - S10PLS
  • Labeda Proline Brass Pivot Insert - S38PL
  • Labeda Proline Cushions - S17PL
  • Labeda Proline Truck with axle - LPLTK
  • Labeda Proline Cushion Cup Large - S10PLL
  • Labeda Proline Toe Stop Screw - S27PL