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Hockey Ambra Super Professional Toe Stops

Hockey Ambra Super Professional Toe Stops


Roll-line Hockey Super Professional Toe Stops

Our Price: $30.00

HOCKEY Super Professional Toe Stops in Natural Rubber
Thread Types Available: Metric Threads (ONLY)
Colors Available: Natural (also sometimes called Brown or Amber)
Abrasion: 5 Star
Grip: 5 Star
Resiliency: 5 Star
The Roll-Line HOCKEY SUPER PROFESSIONAL is the BEST and Most Popular HOCKEY Toe Stop in the World, Available for ALL Levels Quad Hockey Players. The HOCKEY SUPER PRO Toe Stops have all of the GREAT characteristics needed in Toe Stops, Abrasion, Grip, and Resiliency, all 5 Star performance.

The Roll-Line HOCKEY SUPER PRO Natural Toe Stops are available in Metric (ONLY) Threads. All Roll-Line Frames have Metric Toe Stop Threads. ATLAS, Snyder, and Sure Grip use US Threads.