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Bionic Swiss Bearings

Bionic Swiss Bearings


Luigino Bionic Swiss Bearings

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Bearing Options

  • About Bionic Bearings: Bionic Bearings optimize speed and longevity by specializing in skate bearings. We take pride in designing bearings that meet the demands of hard core derby skaters looking for more speed as well as a bearings that require low maintenance and have superior longevity. Shields are used to protect the internal parts of the bearing against contamination by dust, and liquid. The shields help contain the lubricant in the bearing. They are fixed to the outer ring and have a non-rubbing seal to the inner ring.
  • Non-Contact Shields: Pressed steel Z shields are pressed into the bearing and protect it against contamination by dust and solid particles. Non-contact seals (RSF, RSI) provide the same advantages as shields, as they have no influence on the friction torque and on the admissible limiting speeds and offer even better protection.
  • Synthetic Cages: Synthetic cages are generally reinforced with glass-fiber (delrin). They are then assembled by being pressed into the ball bearing. The cage elasticity allows for certain manipulations, such as the cleaning of the balls or the replacement of a cage.
  • Angle of Contact: The angle of contact B?is determined by the line going through the contact points of the balls in the raceway and a line which is perpendicular to the bearing axis. This is in a position of maximum axial displacement of one ring compared to the other. The angle of contact depends on the radial clearance and the raceway radius and will be slightly increased by applying an axial load. The greater the angle of contact B? the more the bearing will support high axial loads.
  • Surface Treatments: Surface treatments on outer ring contact surfaces, we improve certain mechanical characteristics such as the hardness. By doing this, the wear resistance is increased and the friction coefficient decreased. Surface treatments on internal rolling parts such as balls, cages, and raceways can be carried out to increase the resistance to wear.
    The noise level is the most important quality criteria of a ball bearing. It mainly depends on the following factors:
    - Precision of the geometric forms
    - Surface finish of the raceway and the balls (double honed)
    - Cleanliness of the bearing
    - Type of lubricant
    - Type of cage
    - Speed of rotation

    Factory lubricated with light race oil, no break in period, and delron cage

  • SIZE 627 (7mm) or 608 (8mm)
  • WIDTH Standard
  • HARDNESS Chrome Steel
  • PURPOSE Derby, Speed, Jam
  • SURFACE All Types