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Bones Reds Bearings

Bones Reds Bearings


Bones Reds Bearings

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Press bearings into wheels on this order [Add $5.00]

China Bones Reds, Swiss & Ceramic Bearings were designed especially for skates and Swiss have been the choice of skaters since 1983. The ceramics are even better, but quite expensive. The China Bones Reds are almost as good as the Swiss but about half the cost. These bearings have a high-temperature, low viscosity skate lubricant (not grease) specially formulated by Bones to reduce friction, and provide a durable micro film of lubricant to protect againt corrosion.

7mm or 8mm precision bearings
Steel ball bearings for a superlative roll.
Mirror-like finish.
Nylon removeable ball retainer.

Determining Bearing Size